How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

There is always room to optimize your Instagram profile, whether you’re just starting out, or already have thousands of followers.

Most of the suggested changes below can be found by clicking the “Edit Profile” link on your Instagram profile.

Check out these easy ways to optimize your profile today . . .

Instagram screenshot with profile picture emphasized.

Be in your profile picture.

Use a photo of your face, not your logo! Instagram is a social media platform, so be social, and be YOU. People don’t build connections with logos, they build connections with other people.

This doesn’t need to be a professional photograph, either. A well-lit selfie can work.

A personal preference of mine is to post your profile picture as a photo on your feed, as well. Not everyone does this, but the photo is so tiny that I like giving people the ability to see it close to full size.

Instagram screenshot with the nameplate section emphasized.

Fix your nameplate.

This is part of your profile is searchable! I recommend putting your first name & a quick explanation of what you do. Don’t waste this by repeating your username.

A new feature of Instagram (which is available for most, but not all, profiles as of right now) is the pronoun section at the end of your nameplate. This is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community while also giving your followers a bit more info about yourself.

Top Tip: Your nameplate can be 30 characters, and be updated once every 14 days.

Instagram screenshot with category emphasized.

Add a category.

Selecting a category can help you show up in search. Doing this can also save you a few characters in your nameplate & bio, since you won’t have to write it there, and those sections are quite limited. To edit this, hit the “Edit Profile” button, scroll down, and you should see a “Category” option.

You can choose to have this be shown or be hidden. Either way, it’ll still benefit you the same.

Instagram screenshot with the bio emphasized.

Rewrite your bio.

Not sure what to say? Use this template: I help [your target audience] get/do/have/etc. [desired result] by [what you do].

Remember to include a call to action! Asking for DMs or drawing attention to your link are great calls to action. You can see in mine, I have a hand emoji pointing down, and the phrase “Let’s get started!” at the end of my bio.

I recommend not including hashtags in your bio. Maybe it’s beneficial if you “own” the hashtag, meaning you and your customers are the only one who uses it. Otherwise, you’re quickly sending people away from your profile and that doesn’t help you at all.

Top Tip: Your bio can be 150 characters, and be updated as often as you want. Each emoji counts as 2 characters. I type mine up in a Google Doc and use their character counting feature to make sure it’ll fit.

Instagram screenshot with the link section emphasized.

Link to your own domain.

Services like LinkTree and LinkInBio can – and do – crash. You can set up a page of links on your own domain so that it always works! Doing this will also give you a boost with Google since your site will be getting more traffic.

One exception to this would be if you have an Etsy shop, or something similar. Linking directly to your shop, where customers can purchase is ideal.

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